Care instructions

  • Hand-wash in warm soapy water, dishwasher is not recommended.
  • If your piece has plastic stoppers on the base (e.g. coasters) do not expose to water for long periods.  It is best to quickly wash and dry these pieces.
  • Not oven or microwave safe, the glass can become extremely hot when heated and may crack.

Important Note

Glass is by nature cold so if you place very hot items on it the glass will possibly crack.  Coffee cups are fine on the coasters, but please do not place items from the oven on your glass.  No responsibility will be taken by NV Glass Designs if your glass cracks due to excessive heat.

Candle holders

  • When using candle holders do not let the candle burn down to the bottom as the heat may crack the glass.  Best to leave tea-light candles in silver holder or place decorative sand/pebbles in bottom of holder.

Glass rings

  • Hand wash in water if needed (don't soak).  Do not use chemical jewellery cleaners as it may dissolve the glue holding the ring base to the glass.  Advisable to remove your ring if washing your hands with soap on a regular basis.
  • The rings are glass so if you drop them the glass may crack or shatter.
  • Ring bases are nickel free silver plated copper.
  • Do not twist glass on base as it may snap.

Wood earrings and brooches

  • Items containing wood elements should not be exposed to excessive moisture such as showering, swimming etc.

Glass Coffee Pod Display Stand

About your coffee pod display stand

The coffee pod display stand is fully fused glass; no glue has been used so it will never come apart.  The glass is tempered during the firing process to give it strength.

The Jarrah timer base has been coated with clear satin urethane to protect it from moisture.

Assembly instructions

  • The glass stand only fits one way into the timer base.
  • The side of the base with the NV Glass Designs sticker on it is the back.
  • The side of the glass stand that is flat is the back.
  • Align the front of the glass stand to the slot carved into the top of the timer base (make sure front of timber base is facing you) and gently lower down into the slot.  It should fit easily if not a little snug (helps with stability).  
  • Do not force the glass stand into the base, undue pressure on the glass may cause it to crack or break.  If it doesn’t go in first time relatively easily, realign the glass to the slot in the timber and try again.
  • All stands have been tested with the base they are paired with so rest assured your glass stand will fit into the timber base.

Caring for your coffee pod display stand

  • The glass stand may be washed in warm (not hot) soapy water, remember it is glass so care should be taken.
  • Do not place cold glass in very hot water as the temperature change may shock the glass and crack it.  
  • Alternatively, a damp cloth may be used to simply wipe over the stand to remove any dust.
  • Use a damp cloth to wipe the timer base to remove any dust.  
  • Do not immerse the timber stand in water as it may make the timber swell and your glass stand may no longer fit in it.